The Predator

Les pires prédateurs de l'univers sont maintenant plus forts et plus intelligents que jamais, ils se sont génétiquement perfectionnés grâce à l'ADN d'autres espèces. Alors qu’un jeune garçon devient accidentellement leur cible, seul un équipage hétéroclite d'anciens soldats et un professeur de science contestataire peuvent empêcher l’extinction de la race humaine.

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  1. Anon 16.11.18

    2:20 that The Predator voice is eargasm.

  2. Anon 16.11.18

    10/10 would watch

  3. Anon 16.11.18

    Cool. But they better give The Predator more screen time than Eddie

  4. Anon 16.11.18

    Why The Predator 's tounge didn't holed by his teeths \nSee in thumbnail

  5. Anon 16.11.18

    New enemy To Avengers

  6. Anon 16.11.18

    Is this rated R or PG13

  7. Anon 16.11.18

    The CGI building from across the GG bridge is the most CGI building that has ever CGI’d.

  8. Anon 16.11.18

    Looks fackin badass!!

  9. Anon 16.11.18

    This is going to be badass

  10. Anon 16.11.18

    im dc

  11. Anon 16.11.18

    Pensei que o The Predator Extreme tinha feito um filme kkk

  12. Anon 16.11.18

    I wonder if it's muscular The Predator like in original or skinny like in origianl spidy movie

  13. Anon 16.11.18

    NOW THIS IS A The Predator TRAILER

  14. Anon 16.11.18

    This trailer is nice....i gonna watch it

  15. Anon 16.11.18

    Гавно ебаное

  16. Anon 16.11.18

    concern secure worker kwxvuf inspector minute where salary investigate factor.

  17. Anon 16.11.18

    Last seen was Spiderman 3..this The Predator...i want to spiderman peter parker

  18. Anon 16.11.18

    I knew they'll say \"symbiote\" wrong. At least we got the money shot at the end.

  19. Anon 16.11.18


  20. Anon 16.11.18

    Фигня это будет

  21. Anon 16.11.18

    1:08 was that kodak??

  22. Anon 16.11.18

    Ахуенное кино должно быть т.к. Том Харди в главной роли.

  23. Anon 16.11.18

    Still waiting for a New Rockstars trailer breakdown!!

  24. Anon 16.11.18

    The move look interesting. \nI can get it from the trailer that it is not a typical Super Hero movie.

  25. Anon 16.11.18


  26. Anon 16.11.18

    So ahem...Carnage anytime soon

  27. Anon 16.11.18

    We are the Flash

  28. Anon 16.11.18

    Were is spider Man

  29. Anon 16.11.18


  30. Anon 16.11.18

    #1 Trending In Russia❤

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