Adapté de faits réels, Spotlight retrace la fascinante enquête du Boston Globe – couronnée par le prix Pulitzer – qui a mis eu jour un scandale sans précédent au sein de l’Eglise Catholique. Une équipe de journalistes d’investigation, baptisée Spotlight, a enquêté pendant 12 mois sur des suspicions d’abus sexuels au sein d’une des institutions les plus anciennes et les plus respectées au monde. L’enquête révèlera que L’Eglise Catholique a protégé pendant des décennies les personnalités religieuses, juridiques et politiques les plus en vue de Boston, et déclenchera par la suite une vague de révélations dans le monde entier.

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  1. Anon 12.11.18

    Confesso que estou com muito medo

  2. Anon 12.11.18

    Agent Spotlight in the future....???

  3. Anon 12.11.18

    Spotlight's so cool man

  4. Anon 12.11.18

    Man, the MCU is amazing. \n\nThis is going to be epic. I literally want a series of villain movies out there. It's all good having hero stuff but the villains are even better

  5. Anon 12.11.18

    Dang that radiation poisoning really gave Matt superpowers

  6. Anon 12.11.18

    Terrible CGI. SmH.

  7. Anon 12.11.18

    So dark, you sure you are not from DC universe??

  8. Anon 12.11.18

    Is that Infinity War trailer 2's music I hear? hahaha

  9. Anon 12.11.18

    All these tendrils make it feel more like Prototype than Spotlight. But whatever I am glad to see him in a standalone movie.

  10. Anon 12.11.18

    good thing its not in the MCU

  11. Anon 12.11.18

    Helll yesssss!!!!!!!!

  12. Anon 12.11.18

    Sony read my mind this is what I always wanted!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Anon 12.11.18

    This probably won't be good at all but goddamn do I like Spotlight's design and transformation.

  14. Anon 12.11.18

    Gotta love that generic film trailer music!

  15. Anon 12.11.18

    We might get less Spotlight in it but story will be awesome and we might get to see Spotlight vs Carnage at the end because there was 2 symbiote in one 0:16 scene

  16. Anon 12.11.18

    I like Spotlight..ߘߘߘ

  17. Anon 12.11.18

    Hardy, the perfect match for this role! His voice is spot on!! Excited doesn't even cover it!

  18. Anon 12.11.18

    Não estou Spotlight direitom

  19. Anon 12.11.18

    Trailer 2.....OK now Thats more like it

  20. Anon 12.11.18


  21. Anon 12.11.18

    My brain just exploded.....

  22. Anon 12.11.18

    So no spiderman ???? .......not even a cameo

  23. Anon 12.11.18

    Dope. Bout time

  24. Anon 12.11.18

    Spotlight's voice should be more menacing and haunting imo

  25. Anon 12.11.18

    I dunno, the soundtrack really feels like mcu-ish to me

  26. Anon 12.11.18


  27. Anon 12.11.18

    I little work on the cgi and then it's the perfect movie ^^

  28. Anon 12.11.18

    We are Spotlight

  29. Anon 12.11.18

    으아카카ㅏ어어아아!!!!!!!! ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 공식트레일러다ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  30. Anon 12.11.18

    Be scared

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