Thunder Road

L'histoire de Jimmy Arnaud, un policier texan qui essaie tant bien que mal d'élever sa fille. Le portrait tragi-comique d'une figure d'une Amérique vacillante. 

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  1. Anon 12.11.18


  2. Anon 12.11.18

    Is this real

  3. Anon 12.11.18

    This is gonna be great.

  4. Anon 12.11.18

    So I'm at McDonald's what ya'll want?

  5. Anon 12.11.18

    ______________HOW DID HE GET SPIDERMAN Thunder Road POWERS, AND AFTER ALL HES IN SAN FRANCISCO..???_______________-

  6. Anon 12.11.18

    Now all i need is a little CARNAGE!!!!!

  7. Anon 12.11.18

    Oh well that’s a little crazy Is he psychotic

  8. Anon 12.11.18

    Who else noticed music at the beginning is the same as the 2nd Infinity War trailer?

  9. Anon 12.11.18

    I hope that the ending will show Carlton Drake giving Cletus Kassidy a symbiote and telling him to kill Eddie only for Cletus to kill Carlton and go on a murder spree and sets up a possible second movie.

  10. Anon 12.11.18

    This honestly looks so good

  11. Anon 12.11.18

    2:18 best part

  12. Anon 12.11.18

    I’m i the only one that’s not that exited for this? Meh

  13. Anon 12.11.18

    So something in the spiderman universe but has nothing to do with Spider-Man?

  14. Anon 12.11.18

    Am see this movie who else?

  15. Anon 12.11.18

    Similar to Black Spiderman

  16. Anon 12.11.18

    i hope one day you kick childish amazing spiderman wich is created and guided by ironman .

  17. Anon 12.11.18

    At first i was skeptical but now i think it looks brilliant, the Thunder Road personality by Tom Hardy is spot-on in my opinion.

  18. Anon 12.11.18

    2:17 thank me later

  19. Anon 12.11.18

    Que sexoso

  20. Anon 12.11.18

    2:19 If I ever get choked-hold by him, please, someone kill me before he does.

  21. Anon 12.11.18

    2:19 I can watch it all day

  22. Anon 12.11.18

    Is this real?

  23. Anon 12.11.18

    I have been waiting for another one of Thunder Road's movies since the first movie in 2007. I can't wait!!

  24. Anon 12.11.18

    I love that.

  25. Anon 12.11.18

    Sony pictures..... that's worrisome.

  26. Anon 12.11.18

    Infinity war me pela la verga compa esto es la verga

  27. Anon 12.11.18

    مولع الفلم

  28. Anon 12.11.18

    We are marvel fans ߘ

  29. Anon 12.11.18


  30. Anon 12.11.18


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