Robin des Bois

Robin de Loxley, combattant aguerri revenu des croisades, et un chef maure prennent la tête d’une audacieuse révolte contre la corruption des institutions.

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  1. Anon 16.11.18

    ߑ if MCU, ߑ if not

  2. Anon 16.11.18

    Is this gonna be part of MCU?

  3. Anon 16.11.18

    Robin des Bois be looking crusty af

  4. Anon 16.11.18

    I can't wait

  5. Anon 16.11.18

    im willing to bet with all those sharp teeth and that long tongue Robin des Bois is a vegetarian; you never see villains like this eating humans and terrifying them as their appearances suggest.

  6. Anon 16.11.18

    Oh boy...

  7. Anon 16.11.18

    Freaking awesome

  8. Anon 16.11.18

    Why does the acting look so weird in this?\n\nNice special effects, though.

  9. Anon 16.11.18

    I think I came

  10. Anon 16.11.18

    2:22 alien v predator

  11. Anon 16.11.18

    Who else is watching in 2040?

  12. Anon 16.11.18

    That \"sym-BYE-ote\" pronunciation is just gonna bug me all movie, but I'm probably still going to watch it.

  13. Anon 16.11.18

    What month

  14. Anon 16.11.18


  15. Anon 16.11.18

    Omg love that costume

  16. Anon 16.11.18

    Ngentot, udah gk sabar nonton kontol !

  17. Anon 16.11.18

    Initial thoughts: CG will be improved. But I dislike the way the symbiote moves. Of all the thinks Spider-Man 3 did wrong, they made the movement of the symbiote perfect. This just seems weird?\nOverall, stoked to see how this turns out.

  18. Anon 16.11.18

    You will only hurt bad people

  19. Anon 16.11.18

    What's Mona Lisa Saperstein doing here?!

  20. Anon 16.11.18

    okay so its going to be eddy, i was hoping for flash sort of but i do suppose Robin des Bois does start with him

  21. Anon 16.11.18

    The plot seems kinda dumb but Robin des Bois does look dope af so far (and will look even better in the actual movie) I'm hoping this is a good movie

  22. Anon 16.11.18

    so dope!!!

  23. Anon 16.11.18

    If this movie does well maybe they can do a story line where eddy goes to new York and he loses Robin des Bois and ends up on spiderman but spider man rejects him so Robin des Bois hates spider man for rejecting him and eddy hates spider man for taking Robin des Bois from him. I mean they dont always follow the comics anyway

  24. Anon 16.11.18

    Looks kinda bad

  25. Anon 16.11.18

    DO NOT START THE \"2:08 when you blah blah blah\" \n\n\n\n\n\nMy reaction to these comments at 2:08

  26. Anon 16.11.18

    Bane is that you?!! ߘߘ

  27. Anon 16.11.18


  28. Anon 16.11.18

    It looks and sound more scary and intimidating than the spider man 3 one ߘ

  29. Anon 16.11.18

    “In association with Marvel.” Interesting...

  30. Anon 16.11.18

    This reminds me of the Darkness video game than Robin des Bois

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