Le Brio

Neïla Salah a grandi à Créteil et rêve de devenir avocate. Inscrite à la grande université parisienne d’Assas, elle se confronte dès le premier jour à Pierre Mazard, professeur connu pour ses provocations et ses dérapages. Pour se racheter une conduite, ce dernier accepte de préparer Neïla au prestigieux concours d’éloquence. A la fois cynique et exigeant, Pierre pourrait devenir le mentor dont elle a besoin… Encore faut-il qu’ils parviennent tous les deux à dépasser leurs préjugés.


  1. Anon 12.11.18

    Hey Fellow Le Brio fans! We have sculpted the Carnage from clay. would love to see your opinions on it!

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  3. Anon 12.11.18

    wait really?! Did this trailer for a film \"associated\" with Marvel really just use the same fucking score/soundtrack that was used in the latest Avengers Infinity War Trailer?! JESUS HOW WAS THIS AN OVERSIGHT?! A hint of things to come? Nope I doubt that given Sony's past. As a soundtrack enthusiast I find it.....Odd that they chose the same score for this trailer.

  4. Anon 12.11.18


  5. Anon 12.11.18

    Idk having mixed feelings about it without spidey can there really be a Le Brio

  6. Anon 12.11.18

    López Obrador es un peligro para México.

  7. Anon 12.11.18


  8. Anon 12.11.18

    Tom got more lines in this trailer then all this movies

  9. Anon 12.11.18

    I thought it was for the 10th of May -.-. Stupid American layout...

  10. Anon 12.11.18


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  12. Anon 12.11.18


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  14. Anon 12.11.18

    So that's what happen to Mike \"The Situation\" after Jersey Shore

  15. Anon 12.11.18

    Yeah! You did it . Amazing trailer.

  16. Anon 12.11.18

    That symbiote voice...Zoom anyone?

  17. Anon 12.11.18

    Ok. First trailer was not good. This trailer is better. I have a tiny inch of faith in this movie now.

  18. Anon 12.11.18

    I like how they used a remix of the Avenger Infinity War trailer theme in this.

  19. Anon 12.11.18


  20. Anon 12.11.18

    Ok i was a little iffy at first but that looks awesome

  21. Anon 12.11.18

    OH YEAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!

  22. Anon 12.11.18

    So is this connected to the MCU?

  23. Anon 12.11.18

    We are Le Brio

  24. Anon 12.11.18

    Already saw the leak but still good, Le Brio looks weird tho, like it's made of jelly.

  25. Anon 12.11.18


  26. Anon 12.11.18

    I love you..........really.........Le Brio.....

  27. Anon 12.11.18

    Sounds like prophet

  28. Anon 12.11.18

    I've been waiting 14 years for this!

  29. Anon 12.11.18

    We are...Disappointed.

  30. Anon 12.11.18

    XFavor Subtitulado quiero leerla

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