Benjamin va devenir un grand médecin, il en est certain. Mais pour son premier stage d’interne dans le service de son père, rien ne se passe comme prévu. La pratique se révèle plus rude que la théorie. La responsabilité est écrasante, son père est aux abonnés absents et son co-interne, Abdel, est un médecin étranger plus expérimenté que lui. Benjamin va se confronter brutalement à ses limites, à ses peurs, celles de ses patients, des familles, des médecins, et du personnel. Son initiation commence.


  1. Anon 12.11.18

    O racismo começa quando o vilao e preto

  2. Anon 12.11.18

    Bald Guy-WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU\nHippocrate-IM Hippocrate\n\nI LOVE THIS SCENE

  3. Anon 12.11.18

    I wonder how Hippocrate is gonna mimic Spiderman powers.....

  4. Anon 12.11.18


  5. Anon 12.11.18


  6. Anon 12.11.18

    it needs to be rated R (sigh) but ill still watch it

  7. Anon 12.11.18

    5 million views already?

  8. Anon 12.11.18

    Anyone else hear the Infinity War music from both official trailers?\n\n\n\n\n\n Or is it just me.

  9. Anon 12.11.18


  10. Anon 12.11.18


  11. Anon 12.11.18

    They fucking nailed the look imo

  12. Anon 12.11.18

    But he is bad or good ? :/

  13. Anon 12.11.18

    Guys is Hippocrate evil ?

  14. Anon 12.11.18

    DC is gonna be jealous when this releases

  15. Anon 12.11.18


  16. Anon 12.11.18

    I'm sold

  17. Anon 12.11.18

    The way shes saying “symbiote” is annoying

  18. Anon 12.11.18

    I can’t wait for Spiderman to team up with Hippocrate. Wait... this isn’t MCU? Oh.

  19. Anon 12.11.18

    Yup Sony you finally did it it right

  20. Anon 12.11.18

    Marvel, что ты такое ?

  21. Anon 12.11.18

    the dialogue is just bad judging from the trailer

  22. Anon 12.11.18

    trying so much to be true to the comic. so afraid to be creative. and it doesn't get me. imho.

  23. Anon 12.11.18

    Is this story in an alternate timeline or universe, I mean how can they be Hippocrate?? The trailer doesn't show they know peter paker/ Spiderman, and the reason that they call themselves Hippocrate is because they think they are poison to peter paker/ spiderman...........

  24. Anon 12.11.18


  25. Anon 12.11.18

    The way I see it, WE can do whatever WE WANT... Do we have a deal?

  26. Anon 12.11.18


  27. Anon 12.11.18

    I'm not the Hippocrate, we are

  28. Anon 12.11.18

    they used the infinity war trailer music in this trailer

  29. Anon 12.11.18

    Riz Ahmed yooo

  30. Anon 12.11.18

    where's spider man? lol

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